Monday, September 23, 2013

New Beginnings in the Digital World

This school year brought a new beginning for me. I am jumping head first into the world of digital art! New, exciting, frustrating, challenging and fun! I am a hand on artist, getting dirty and messy with paint or clay is right up my alley. But the world of computer based is art is incredibly clean and save. 

Everything in the digital art world can be undone. If there is a color or texture I don't like I can just delete it! Amazing wonderfulness of digital art. 

Teenagers are amazing with technology, there is no fear with working on a computer. As for their fearless leader I am always apprehensive and trying to figure out what this or that tool does. I must say I am enjoying working with Coral Painter 12. It is very cool how paintings can be created with such ease. 

The examples with this post are student pieces. We are using Coral Painter 12 and a Bamboo Tablet. The tablet's are taking the students some getting use to. Time and patience is what it takes to create art on the computer. 

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