Monday, March 11, 2013

Students working hard!

Happy day light savings time! I think? I love the longer evenings but so crazy about losing the hour sleep and driving to work in the dark in the morning. But the one thing that is always exciting is opening the kiln in the morning to see the amazing work that my students have created. 

This week the Intro to Ceramic classes have been working on their coil constructed cylinders. Today I did a demo on glazing. Now students have the option to under glaze or using glaze. Glaze is a glass coating and a beautiful all over color for pottery. The ceramics classroom will now really be getting busy with glaze, under glaze and pottery needing to be bisque fired! Exciting!! 

The Ceramic II students have finished up their "Sets". For the most part the work has been well thought out. The surface design "Mishima" has been really beautiful on the pottery. I have decided to allow the Intro students to try using this technique as well. Ceramic II students are to research ideas for a hand built tea pot. They are to present their possible designs to me and decide on which tea pot to build. Looking forward to see these projects!

As for painting, the students are finishing up their landscapes. Our next project is "Abstract Expressionism". Students are to bring images to class that they will use on the collaged, mixed media piece. The class will be starting this piece after spring break.

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