Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Seaman High School Ceramics has been so busy with finishing up WInd Chimes and working on Coil built Cylinders. The classroom is full of creative energy and it is always exciting to see the creativity that students bring to the classroom.

The Wind Chimes have turned out so well. It is a assignment that keeps me busy with loading and unloading the kiln. Students are to have them turned in for a grade by March 7th. Hopefully the chimes will sounds lovely on all the porches!

I am always excited to see the coil built cylinders. The height requirement for this project is 7 inches, they also need to have a smooth exterior surface with a decorative design. Its an art class! I want them to be creative! 

This semester the art department will have a student teacher that will be in my classroom   March through April. On April 24th the Seaman High School Art Fair will be in SHS commons area, mark it on your calendar!

 Thank you to all the families and friends who came out to the First Friday Art Walk, March 1st. The students are always so proud of the work they display and their hard work and creativity. It was a wonderful night and as a teacher a proud evening! Also at this event the Seaman High School Art teachers showed their own creative work. It is awesome to see faculty work and the talent we have at Seaman High School.

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