Thursday, March 21, 2013

Let the Vase building begin!

Introduction to Ceramics has been a busy class for the past two months. All the students are constructing clay cylinders. I introduced coil building, the assignment is to build a cylinder straight up until they reach 7 inches in height. The exterior surface is to smooth (using the rib tool & rasp) and students are required to have a surface design on the exterior surface.

I am very pleased with the creativity and effort that the students are putting into these pieces. The work being constructed in the classroom is amazing! I could not be more proud of the cylinders.

With coil construction I always start students off the cylinders. I want them to be able to construct a vase straight without movement. This a good assignment for them to improve upon rolling their own coils. Which by the way many students struggle with rolling coils, it takes time and patience. During my demo I explain why coils need to be a certain diameter, to small a coil the cylinder will become flimsy and too thick a coil the piece will be to heavy. 

After spring break students will be given a demo on coil construction showing movement and using a template. I cannot wait to see their creative hands at work!!

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