Monday, February 18, 2013

To Many Ideas Not Enough TIME!!

I always love having the problem of having too many ideas for paintings & pottery, but I must say it is overwhelming. This is where my sketchbook comes into play. I been working on writing and drawing my ideas down so I simply don't forget them. This problems comes with old age! 

My Mishima work is coming along. I have been experimenting with different textures and mark making on the surface. Also I have found that Porcelain clay is a bit soft for this technique. 

I like the painterly effect I can get with painting on the flowers along with Sgraffito & Mishima. It is really beautiful. My frustration will come during the summer when I no longer will have a kiln and wheel. 

With my paintings I am focused on creating a large 48 x 72 canvas with collaged canvas that has hand sewing, to create a aerial landscape, influenced by crop land. This piece I am excited about!

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