Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Finished Pottery, still learning.

I have been completely focused on my pottery for the past several months. Looking at imagery and concentrating on designs. Now I have been building a lot of work, some successful and others not so much. But I am refining my technique and really enjoying the processes. My entire weekend I worked on drawing, drawing on my leather hard bowls and then using my new love of Mishima. 

My feeling after using Porcelain clay is that it is a bit soft for the Mishima technique. Wiping the underglaze away after it dries I seem to wipe away more of the clay. I just used Buff clay and the underglaze seems stay in the incised lines much better.

I purchased Diana Fayt's "CreativeBug" instructional video that was really helpful. This website is also very informational for many techniques.

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