Thursday, February 21, 2013

Coil Building Just Beginning!

This week my Introduction to Ceramic classes will be starting their coil construction on cylinders. This love this hand building process, the students work hard and come up with some very creative pieces.

The expectations for the Coil Cylinder assignment is; the piece is to 7" tall, a smooth exterior surface, and they must use a exterior surface design. Some students will love coil building others struggle with rolling coils, but this truly makes the students learn patience, craftsmanship and problem solving.

Every two weeks I show a Ceramic artist and discuss their technique and process. Maria Martinez was the artist I discuss with my classes and her amazing pottery. The importance of her contributions to her culture and Martinez wonderful wiliness to share her techniques and processes to others.

The pictures with this post is all Introduction to Ceramics student work (Seaman High School). I am very proud of their work! 

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