Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Plugging away!

Literally I am working with several different media's right now. Clay, encaustic, watercolor and journaling. With teaching full time and being around teenagers I am exhausted and also inspired by their energy and creativity. Lately I have been working small, it is convenient and manageable for my time schedule right now. Clay I have been making pendants and earrings. Mainly because I am girly that way and also finding different ways to build with clay is amazing. I also have thrown several bowls and thrown and built some very fun ceramic pieces. What has completely captured my creative energy if Encaustic. I moved into my screen-in-porch (only place I have adequate ventilation)to work on my small panels. I am excited about the process and the effect I am getting. Mixed media is so wonderful to use in encaustic. But really wanting to work larger! The idea of pouring wax all over a large panel would be awesome. Today I am going to work in my journal with watercolor to keep my ideas fresh, but basically so I can remember them.

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