Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Introduction to Ceramics Work

My Seaman High School students are working very hard on Wind Chimes and now will be starting their coil construction. The Wind Chime assignment was a bit over whelming for myself with all the many, many pieces of chimes!! But I must say the chimes are turning out really nice. The assignment is just very time consuming for the students. If I would use this assignment again I would have students turn in a detailed design plan of the chimes (where holes are punched, size, length and hanging).

I must all my classes are hard working and truly seem to love working with the wonderful material of clay. I just had a demo on coil construction. Each student will be constructing a coil cylinder that is to be 7 inches tall, smooth exterior surface with a external surface design. I am always very excited to see what will be constructed.

After students finish building their cylinder, they will construct a coil vase showing movement. Good things are to come.

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