Monday, April 15, 2013

Amazing work from Seaman High Ceramics

Introduction to Ceramics and Ceramics II have been busy with making some beautiful Pottery. Currently students are working on coil construction. The first project was building a cylinder, requirements for the cylinder was a height requirement of 7 inches, exterior surface is to have a decorative design. The cylinder also needed to be symmetrical (straight up and down) and level at the top of the piece. Over all I am very thrilled with the work that is coming out of the classes and the students are focused and working hard. I always stress craftsmanship! Your work reflects upon you and the amount of effort.

This semester I have a student teacher, Mona Morrissey is here with us from Washburn University. Ms. Morrissey started March 4th and will leave on April 26th. It was been a wonderful experience for the students to learn from a voice and also for Ms. Morrissey to gain valuable experience in the classroom.

What is on the horizon in Ceramics? Students will be learning the last hand building technique, slab. Mrs. Ramberg will have several projects due, slab bowl and two geometric shaped containers. We end the school year with students individual projects. This is the time for students to select projects of their own. All I ask is not to build pinch pots! Thought, imagination, creativity and of course craftsmanship is graded upon.

Included in with this post are examples of cylinders from Introduction to Ceramics, enjoy! love to hear commits.

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