Saturday, February 6, 2010

My week of NO studio time!!

This week was a week of just no time for my own work. I spent the majority of time driving, teaching, going to my Ceramics class at Washburn and being exhuasted! I get really frustrated with myself and how I manage my free time. There is always something else that I can find to do (the very little free time I have).

Today I was checking into a new Studio space. I really would like something with better light and a bit nicer. The first space my realitor brought me to was completely not right (it looked like an office!!) Then she mentioned right in my own current building there is space on the 2nd floor. This would really be perfect, great view, large windows and would feel more professional. I am going to check it out this coming week. Now it will depend on the rental price per month.

This time of year I have cabin fever! Yuk, Yuk!!! Cold, gray skies and of course the snow I am truly tired of. Tomorrow is yet again another blast of snow (a foot!). Snow, Snow go away. Tomorrow will be a great day to go down and paint and create. I have been afraid to just paint, stop thinking so much and painting what I am feeling.

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