Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Filling Over Whelmed?

Another part of my life is Teaching High school Art. I really enjoy working with students and sharing what I know and also being inspired by them. Not to complain but it often feels like a juggling act to teach my students as well as thinking about my own work as well as my family. I spend alot of time in my own head thinking about different pieces that I would like to work on. Lately making the time to get into my studio has been difficult.

Today I work on my small mixed media pieces. I am really excited about these tiny little guys. I have always wanted to have a large number of small canvases that will make one piece. Still I am consumed with aerial photography and land organizations. These small paintings will continue with this subject matter. I also have been hand sewing on the made paper that I collage. This week I want to finish the 10in x 10in canvas that I just started today. Look for photo's of this piece this week.

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