Monday, January 18, 2010

Beginning of New small mixed media pieces

The beginning of this year I have challenged myself to work with varies sizes of canvas and materials. I have always been fascinated with sewing, fabric, made papers and paint in combination. I really want to continue using these materials. The pieces that are posted above are in progress. The size is 5 x 5 inches, small for my work. Each piece is collaged with made papers and hand sewing. This new work is so exciting for me, I really was not motivated to make paintings, but this idea of creating a large number of smaller canvases was inspiring.

Today I had the chance to work in my studio for about 3 hours. I really wanted to get back down and continue working. But life as a working Mother/Artist is a challenging road. By creating this Blog I will motive myself to make time for my creative life, as well as sharing my studio work with anyone interested. This is going to be my new Artist Journal.

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